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The Equity package is designed for start-up companies, or people with a great product or application idea.

If we believe your idea has potential, and you don't have much money to invest, allow Henson IT to invest in your business by doing all of your IT Application Development in return for a share in your company.

The Henson IT Solutions Equity package is perfect for a small company or individual to get their ideas off the ground, for very little money!

With the Equity Package, Henson IT Solutions would:

  • Agree a percentage share in the company to be given to Henson IT Solutions, based on a variety of factors:
    • How much IT Development is required
    • How central the IT Development is to the product
    • What other costs are involved in setting up and running your business
    • How much we like your idea!
  • Do all development required, from start to finish, including:
    • Web-Site / Customer-Facing Web Application
    • Mobile phone applications (iPhone / Android)
    • Back-End administration system
    • Intergration with appropriate Payment Mechanisms
    • Hosting of solution and deployment, including domain names, SSL certificates, etc.
  • Provide added value to your project:
    • Ideas and suggestions for improvement
    • Full design if required, or use your designers if preferred
    • Feedback and publicity
    • Promoting operational efficiency
  • Fully communicate throughout development, to ensure
    • All styles and content are agreed
    • All functionality is suitable
    • User testing and feedback from pilot users is incorporated

We generally agree a small deposit fee up-front to ensure that you are serious about taking your idea forward, and then no other payment apart from receiving a share of the company's profits! However we are flexible with arrangements, and may agree a part-fee part-equity arrangement, or a fully costed no-equity option if you prefer.

Our Packages

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    Bronze Package

    The Bronze package is designed for companies or individuals who would just like a relatively simple, static web-site.

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    Silver Package

    The Silver package is designed for a more complex data-driven web-site aimed at end-users and customers.

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    Gold Package

    Allows a full custom application, such as a web-based or Windows administration system, a mobile phone application, or any kind of bespoke application to be developed exactly to your requirements

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    Platinum Package

    Allow Henson IT Solutions to completely review your business IT requirements and recommend how to use IT to take your business to a new level.