Gold Package


This package is aimed at businesses and individuals who would like a custom application developed exactly to your requirements.

Our gold package allows you to specify whatever you require from your application, and we will design it with you and develop the application for you. This can be as simple or complex as you require, and can include web development, mobile phone application development, a database back-end system, links to other web pages or sources, or anything else that is required.

We will meet with you to discuss all your requirements, and design a quotation that gives you everything you require from this application development. We will then have regular meetings throughout the development to ensure that the system is progressing to your wishes.

The Henson IT Solutions Gold package is designed so that any company can get a custom system or application rapidly developed, to boost productivity, streamline workflow, increase efficiency, and overall ensure your business is ahead of your competitors.

The Gold package development can include:

  • Web-based application
    • Designed to run on all mainstream web browsers (including mobile phone and tablet browsers)
    • Database driven
    • Full User Authentication
  • Mobile application development
    • iPhone, iPad, Android and/or Windows Smartphone development
    • Using shared coding across different devices where possible if application needs to be used on multiple platforms
    • Can provide web-services, back-end databases, links to anything else
    • Will support deployment to restricted end-users (if a business application) or to Apple AppStore, Google Play, Windows Store
  • Desktop Application
    • Application for desktop and laptop computers
    • Designed to run on your choice of operating system, whether PC, Mac or Linux
    • Can provide web-services, back-end databases, links to anything else
  • Full Application Support
    • Advice and Training for end-users
    • Resolution of any issues encountered
  • Continuous Improvement:
    • Users will suggest enhancements once application is being used in a live environment
    • Henson IT Solutions can quote for and develop these enhancements separately in agreed phases

Technical Details

Henson IT Solutions can host any web-applications, web-services or any server-side references on its own servers. We will supply an initial trial version for test purposes, and maintain the test environment during any subsequent bug-fix or enhancement phases. Once everyone is happy with the initial phase, it will be made live, and subsequent changes will require client sign-off before going live. If necessary we will also purchase and configure a domain name for you, and/or do any submission and marketing via the Apple AppStore, Windows Store or Google Play.

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