Platinum Package


This is our all-inclusive package, and is aimed at businesses that would like a full analysis of their IT arrangements. Henson IT Solutions will provide an experienced consultant who will work with you over an agreed period of time, to investigate any existing IT systems and your business requirements. We will then provide IT recommendations on how to take your business forward.

These recommendations may include developments from other packages available on this web-site, and Henson IT Solutions will be able to develop applications rapidly based on the investigations performed.

The Henson IT Solutions Platinum package is designed so that any company can build up their IT solution, so that it can meet all your company's requirements, now and in the future.

The Platinum package will include:

  • An experienced consultant on-site, who will:
    • Talk to all business stakeholders to review their needs and thoughts about any current IT environment
    • Talk to existing IT staff to establish their feedback
    • Create a strategy document containing recommendations and costs of the way forward for the company
  • Follow Up
    • If you decide to accept any of our recommendations, Henson IT Solutions can manage any or all of these for you.
    • We can build any IT infrastructure necessary to facilitate your company needs
    • We can make recommendations about any 3rd Party software that meets or can easily be adapted to your company needs
    • We can build any web-sites or custom applications that would ensure your business can grow and stay ahead of your competitors. Henson IT Solutions would be able to quote to do this development, or alternatively assist any internal staff or other 3rd parties in this development.
    • It can include a full support environment.

Technical Details

Henson IT Solutions will agree how long it will spend with the staff of the company, and will set timescales for when any recommendation document will be delivered. A quotation will be prepared on this basis, and if agreed, work will commence, and the recommendation document will be delivered.

These recommendations can then be discussed, and any recommendations agreed can be taken forward in more detail. These may typically involve some of the other packages on this web-site, but costs and development time will be lower because Henson IT Solutions have already experienced the company environment, and designed and architected the business requirements and possible solutions at a high level as part of the Platinum Package.

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    For start-ups or people with good ideas wanting to get their idea off the ground, Henson IT Solutions could take an equity share in your company in return for taking care of all your IT development needs.